In 1883 the local government division of Toombul was created to serve the needs of the residents of the area.


A Divisional Board of directors was elected and the boards offices were situated at Breakfast Creek.  In 1890 the Division was split into two, with the new Hamilton Divisional Board taking over the offices at Breakfast Creek and the Toombul Divisional Board were forced to rent premises in Boyd Street Nundah.


The Toombul divisional Board became the Toombul shire Council.


The Toombul Shire Hall located on Sandgate Road was built in 1890/1891. The Shire was one of 20 local authorities that amalgamated in 1924 to form the Brisbane City Council.


The Shire Hall featured offices at the front of the building, with the public hall constructed at the rear of the building. In 1928, a side verandah was added to the building.


The hall features an unusual mix of materials and construction methods. The hall is sheeted with corrugated iron, the offices with chamfer boards, while the front facade incorporates brickwork in two colours.


During the Second World War the ARP Civil Defence and the Nundah Auxiliary Ambulance used the building with first aid classes being conducted by the Queensland Ambulance Transport Brigade.


In 1987/1988 the Brisbane City Council undertook extensive renovation and restoration work on the hall at a cost of $135,000.  the building is listed in both the Queensland Government and Council heritage registers.


The Hall is one of two surviving shire halls constructed of timber in the Greater Brisbane area and the only one still owned by the Brisbane City Council.


For more information on Nundah’s history, call the Nundah and Districts Historical Society on (07) 3260 6703.


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